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The Peace Lutheran School Endowment Fund began in 1983 with a modest contribution of $100 by one of our Lutheran school teachers.  This fund currently totals over $1.5 million in assets.  The yearly distribution from this fund of at least 4% of its value makes a significant impact on the ministry of Peace Lutheran School. Thanks to many generous contributors over the past decades these funds will make a lasting impact on our school ministry.

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The Peace Lutheran Church Endowment Fund was started in 1987 and currently has over $650,000 in assets. The yearly distribution of at least 4% of this fund benefits nearly all areas of ministry at Peace. We give thanks for the regular contributions to this fund and the blessing it has brought to our Lord's mission and ministry. Many people have remembered one or both of the endowment funds in their estate plans over the past 4 decades.

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To learn more about the Peace endowment funds click HERE.   


To make a donation to the Church or School funds click HERE.

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